Thursday, 19 July 2012

Welcome to Boomerang Plus

With opportunism riding high in just about every domain, we present Boomerang Plus, a recruitment portal we hope serves as a spring board to all deserving souls. With natural endowment proving to be ratty, it is about time we make attempts to uphold sheer talent and we at Boomerang intend to do just that.

Boomerang Plus, a recruitment portal is a brain child of young enthusiasts with a motive “To provide right opportunities to right people” stands for providing a platform for Under graduates, post graduates and young professionals who want to make the most of any situation than it has to offer. Our intent is to provide a program which will colligate employers and potential employees. The essence of the theme is that it is in the hand of the prospect to market himself, to convince the employer. This is where skill lay raw!

With providing “The right opportunities to the right people” being the ulterior motive, Boomerang means to entail an equivocal arena.

Every candidate stands a chance only based on merit and potency.

Communication gap often proves to be a rive in many careers. We at boomerang plus intend to bridge the malign, by dirt association of the employers and potential employees. Little do we know of impairment caused due to lack of this facility. We hope we are successful in this endeavour to consociate People concerned.

As all candidates need to meet the criteria of minimum marks to register with us, they won’t have the trouble of handling mediocre candidates. All the candidates are at the disposal of the company. Since both the resume and personality review is available on the student profile, the company can directly infer a lot by merely looking into the profile.

Thank you for your time. We hope our services turn out to be of great use to you.

Visit our WEBSITE to Register & Get Started!


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