Friday, 26 October 2012

Never Give Up!!!

Hello to our awesome readers :)

* This is in continuation to our earlier post Why so Afraid of Failure?"

Have you ever tried opening a cap of jar that refuses to open? You try and try and it doesn't move a bit! Then you give it to someone else and BAM it opens! You might have murmured to yourself, I could have opened it.. Just a little more patience would have sufficed, right?

That's one task for today ~ Never Give up

No matter how hard the situation is, if your boss is killing you from inside, people shaking your confidence or if your beliefs are questioned! Find ways to mend it but Never ever ever ever Give up!


Believe in YOURSELF! :)

So what have you decided? Try again or Give up?

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Why so afraid of Failure?

We are taught as kids that Failures are the stepping stones to Success.

Everyone at some point or another has fallen apart, broken down, demotivated and pulled down to the earth for not being able to succeed. Nothing seems to be working at that time, we question our beliefs and hamper our relationships in life! What does one do after hitting rock bottom? Read on...

Treat Failure as a person for now. If someone hits you, do you stand their like a stone or do you hit him back? Of course, not all of us would hit back; but do you get hurt and all angry? If yes, then would you sit their crying or do something about him? Teach him a lesson that he could never touch him again!!! Are you with me? ....... Acknowledge failure as ONE thing, neither less nor more. You would want to fight it back, curse it, prove yourself and get going!

What does Failure Give you Vs. What would you rather have?

  • Stress vs Happiness
  • Disbelief vs Faith
  • Pending work vs Finished work
  • Blocked mind vs Ample of opportunities

What all it would take for you to get back and start walking again?

  • A methodological mind~ What went wrong and how to Fix it!
  • Baby steps to take it one step at a time, and
  • Lots of Courage to stand up and if need be, start over again!

The only thing that separates Losers from Winners is FAILURE.. Which team do you want to be in?

So are you read to take down Failure? Punch him in his face and Start with greater zest that even you are surprised!!! Take a deeeeep breath and start over.. Who knows you might even outdo yourself :)

Its better to have tried and failed than by merely accepting failure

Good Luck with all your future endeavours

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dreams: What you want them to be

Hello Folks! :)

Have you ever dreamed of Living a big, luxurious life; with a beautiful pool, your own terrace garden, exquisite floors, world class decor and a small white room overlooking a beautiful garden where you could read to yourself? By now you would have known, I'm talking about The Dreams and not night dreams (if this is/was what you dream of, lucky you!)

Well if You Dare to Dream, Nothing is impossible!
Lets take a look at the above quote word-by-word:

YOU- Symbolizes yourself and No-one else!
DARE- Takes courage, confidence and never giving up attitude.
DREAM-  As former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said,

IMPOSSIBLE- I hope this word doesn't exist in your dictionary!

Remember: You create your own dreams.. Let no one tell you that you can't do it!

So, Are you Living your Dream? Think about it!

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Famous People, Infamous Past

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are having a wonderful mid-week :)

Today we'd be talking about people who are famous but had to move mountains to get here! I have chosen only 5 such people, believe me, there are Many! Who would have known that a naughty boy who failed in examinations, would turn out to be The Einstein or deaf and dumb Helen Keller would be a lecturer, author, activist and a politician!

So lets talk about some of the people whom many Love and might treat them as their idol.
(Not in Any order)

1) Louis Armstrong: Jazz Music

He was born to teenage parents when they left him with his grandmother after his birth! After a very troublesome childhood, sentenced once, worked at a coal factory and then came in touch with a cornet player. Armstrong used to run his errands in return for cornet lessons. He was a quick learner and in no time, developed his own style and started playing in parades! He switched to trumpet and that was the turning point in his life! After playing for Five decades without any hit song, Armstrong finally made to the top of charts with "Hello Dolly".

What we learn from him? - Never give up on yourself!

2) Muhammad Ali: Boxer

Once a kid stole Ali's bicycle and he had the urge to beat that kid but a guy asked him to learn boxing before he even tries! He took his training very seriously on the very first day. He was so fast that no one could beat him! He practiced and practiced, gave up on drinking, junk food, alcohol, whatever that could distract him and hamper his career! He fought like no one else, won a gold medal at Olympics in 1960 and the heavyweight boxing champion title.. All this in his late teens!

What we learn from him? - Persistence, hardwork and good intentions pays off!

3) Oprah Winfrey: known for hosting a popular american series- The Oprah Show

At 3, Oprah narrated Bible at church and skipped grades as she was too intelligent for her class. She was sexually abused twice, by her distant family members, got pregnant at 14, delivered the child at 7months who died within 2 weeks. But all these tragic incidents didn't shake her confidence when later, at 16, she received a 4 year scholarship for a public speaking competition. Now, the world knows her!

What we learn from her? - Don't undermine yourself. Be yourself!

4) Dhirubhai Ambani: Business tycoon who found Reliance Industries

He failed in examinations, earned his first pocket money by selling snacks, worked at a petrol pump and then stepped into polyester industry where his remarkable eye made him the largest polyester trader in Aden. He turned 15,000 INR to 8 billion (Today's worth of Reliance Industries) in approximately 50 years!

What we learn from him? - If you have the willpower to succeed, you've got it all!

5) Steve Jobs: Co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Apple Inc.

Steve was born in 1955 to two university graduate students who gave him up for adoption. With an unstable childhood and frustrated schooling, dropping college, taking a job in video game designing then leaving it to attain spirituality in India; Jobs did have a tough life! With his high school friend Steve wozniak, he started Apple computers. Now, everybody knows him!

What we learn from him? - Its not always about being smart; its about bringing innovation to smartness!

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Have an inspirational week ahead :)

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Its OK to Laugh sometime

Hello Everyone

Today we would just Chill out. No thinking, No work.. Just Relax!!!! You gotta Take out time to just be with yourself, family and friends and be HappY :)
So, today's post is dedicated to Laughter.. Not smile.. Even if you don't feel like laughing to the core, just smile wide in front of the mirror. It works! ;)

Laugh it off, will you?

Like it? :D

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

|| The making of a RESUME ||

A day in the life of a college student: What to include in a resume? What to skip? Is it too much? Gosh, its lengthy!
Experienced it? Right!!!!! So today's post is a short one, to the point and crisp! :)

Resume: A Resume is a document used to display one's academic background and skills for employment purposes. Everybody has one, irrespective of their field.

It takes 25 seconds for a professional to know you just by reading your resume. Make those 25 seconds count!

How to make Resume you ask? We'll tell you..

1) Write down all your experiences and achievements, from senior school to present, in a piece of paper separately. 
2) According to your 'field of interest', pick those in order of most significant to least significant.
3) You can either start from senior school to present or vice versa: completely your call!
4) Add everything and see if it fits in a page or two at the MAX. If not, remove the least significant points.
5) Broad categories under which you could classify your resume are: career objective, areas of interest, technical skills, academic projects, key achievements, strengths, extra-curricular activities!
6) Include your name, parents information, address, date of birth, gender, nationality, hobbies and languages at the end of your resume.
7) Leave a space for date and  your signature!

Do's & Don'ts for an impressive Resume!

1) Keep it short- One page seems to be short but is more than enough for an employer to know if you are fit for the company. They don't have time! Also, it doesn't look organized if you have thrown information in a desperate attempt to save space. Make it short, use one words for sentences and do not extend more than two pages.

2) Customize your goals & achievements- Highlight (Bold) your career objectives upfront. Customize your resume according to the employer's needs and state your objective clearly.

3) Back Details with Dates- Back your experiences, education, etc with month and year for a factual orientation.

4) Personalize it- Format it using tables and borders. You may or may not add a professional picture of yourself at the top corner. You also have an option to provide email ids and contact number at the very top.

5) No colors please!- Even if its a fashion related resume, please don't use colored paper (even in beige or tan) or any fonts to dramatize it. You have to show a professional front and no matter what your personality is, reserve the hues for your wardrobe (that too minimal).

6) Don't overdo it!- They want to hire you, not keep you for their personal job. So don't reveal personal information like below one, on resumes.

7) Check and Check- Even if you have checked numerous times, there still can be errors which you are overlooking. Give it to your friend and parents for a better analysis. Advice comes for free! ^_^

Save it! Get a Print! You're done! :)

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Friday, 31 August 2012

Career Shifts: The heart of it!

Hello everyone .. I hope you're having a wonderful Friday :)

Today we'd be talking about a 'decision' that would change your life, for better or worse? We'll see...

When you look at a person; after judging him based upon his looks and knowing him a little, what is the next thing you come to know about the person? TALENT. Skills take you places but Talent brings you at the right place~ where you must be!

Many of us, in our teens or at later stages have faced peer/parental pressure to choose the 'right' career path. Some of us are blessed to make our own path while the rest of us fiddle with the 'common' career options or go along the comfortable road. What if you're given an option to shift your career at this instant. Would you? Do you have the courage to listen to your heart or you can't think of disappointing the society?

Remember this ~ Its never too late to do something you LOVE

Recipe of a responsible career shift:

Knowing what you love!



The right approach to make it work!

Not giving up

So buckle up and ask yourself- Are you happy with your current job/career? If you're still thinking or making excuses.. then you already have the answer!

How to start?

First off, Rome wasn't built in a day! Don't just work towards building a new career but really put in your best. 

1) Talk- Talk to friends & family and see what they have in mind. Sometimes a third person opinion is very important: write to experienced professionals and carefully procrastinate your choices.

2) Plan- Once you've talked to everyone and are having a better view of what you had in mind, plan! Your next step must be to approach companies; e.g. if its a corporate field, then the best place to start is google! Google with all the keywords which you can think of. Go to recruitment portals (Like, make your profiles, leave your resumes, fax them, mail them.. Do whatever you can, to be noticed! If you talk to 100.. 10 would definitely reply! Number doesn't matter :)

3) Grab it- Flexibility is the key here. Right now, you might not have enough opportunities so 'Yes' should be your Mantra. Say yes to every opportunity. :) 

But never, at any cost, let your work compromise your beliefs. Keep this thing in mind- You have chosen something better for yourself, something where you'd be happy so make the right choices in a better way! :)

The stage is your's and you're alone... An artist must be alone to see his victory!
Work with the fashionable approach ~ Less is More.. Start with little and make it big!!! :)

You have ONE life.. Don't compromise on your happiness.. Do what you love..Be happy! :)
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