Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dreams: What you want them to be

Hello Folks! :)

Have you ever dreamed of Living a big, luxurious life; with a beautiful pool, your own terrace garden, exquisite floors, world class decor and a small white room overlooking a beautiful garden where you could read to yourself? By now you would have known, I'm talking about The Dreams and not night dreams (if this is/was what you dream of, lucky you!)

Well if You Dare to Dream, Nothing is impossible!
Lets take a look at the above quote word-by-word:

YOU- Symbolizes yourself and No-one else!
DARE- Takes courage, confidence and never giving up attitude.
DREAM-  As former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said,

IMPOSSIBLE- I hope this word doesn't exist in your dictionary!

Remember: You create your own dreams.. Let no one tell you that you can't do it!

So, Are you Living your Dream? Think about it!

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  1. This was inspiring.... i'm kind of having a quarter life crisis.... thanx!


  2. Hi..thanks for comment on our blog too..found this post very inspiring! more faith in dreams now! : )!

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  4. I`m not living my dream, at least not yet, but I hope I`m going that way. I believe in me that I can do it :P

    Thanks for reminding me my porpose :D

  5. great inspirational quotes!

  6. Wonderful life mottoes!
    Great post!

  7. a great post!
    life is a dream and we have to living it :)

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  11. Thanks a lot for stopping by our blog; beautiful post .... we are dreamers and always we say .... "please don't forget your dreams" .... of course we can follow each other

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  12. Very inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog, yes I'd love to follow each other. :)


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  16. "Live the life you have imagined".. motivating!!