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Famous People, Infamous Past

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Today we'd be talking about people who are famous but had to move mountains to get here! I have chosen only 5 such people, believe me, there are Many! Who would have known that a naughty boy who failed in examinations, would turn out to be The Einstein or deaf and dumb Helen Keller would be a lecturer, author, activist and a politician!

So lets talk about some of the people whom many Love and might treat them as their idol.
(Not in Any order)

1) Louis Armstrong: Jazz Music

He was born to teenage parents when they left him with his grandmother after his birth! After a very troublesome childhood, sentenced once, worked at a coal factory and then came in touch with a cornet player. Armstrong used to run his errands in return for cornet lessons. He was a quick learner and in no time, developed his own style and started playing in parades! He switched to trumpet and that was the turning point in his life! After playing for Five decades without any hit song, Armstrong finally made to the top of charts with "Hello Dolly".

What we learn from him? - Never give up on yourself!

2) Muhammad Ali: Boxer

Once a kid stole Ali's bicycle and he had the urge to beat that kid but a guy asked him to learn boxing before he even tries! He took his training very seriously on the very first day. He was so fast that no one could beat him! He practiced and practiced, gave up on drinking, junk food, alcohol, whatever that could distract him and hamper his career! He fought like no one else, won a gold medal at Olympics in 1960 and the heavyweight boxing champion title.. All this in his late teens!

What we learn from him? - Persistence, hardwork and good intentions pays off!

3) Oprah Winfrey: known for hosting a popular american series- The Oprah Show

At 3, Oprah narrated Bible at church and skipped grades as she was too intelligent for her class. She was sexually abused twice, by her distant family members, got pregnant at 14, delivered the child at 7months who died within 2 weeks. But all these tragic incidents didn't shake her confidence when later, at 16, she received a 4 year scholarship for a public speaking competition. Now, the world knows her!

What we learn from her? - Don't undermine yourself. Be yourself!

4) Dhirubhai Ambani: Business tycoon who found Reliance Industries

He failed in examinations, earned his first pocket money by selling snacks, worked at a petrol pump and then stepped into polyester industry where his remarkable eye made him the largest polyester trader in Aden. He turned 15,000 INR to 8 billion (Today's worth of Reliance Industries) in approximately 50 years!

What we learn from him? - If you have the willpower to succeed, you've got it all!

5) Steve Jobs: Co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Apple Inc.

Steve was born in 1955 to two university graduate students who gave him up for adoption. With an unstable childhood and frustrated schooling, dropping college, taking a job in video game designing then leaving it to attain spirituality in India; Jobs did have a tough life! With his high school friend Steve wozniak, he started Apple computers. Now, everybody knows him!

What we learn from him? - Its not always about being smart; its about bringing innovation to smartness!

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