Thursday, 6 September 2012

|| The making of a RESUME ||

A day in the life of a college student: What to include in a resume? What to skip? Is it too much? Gosh, its lengthy!
Experienced it? Right!!!!! So today's post is a short one, to the point and crisp! :)

Resume: A Resume is a document used to display one's academic background and skills for employment purposes. Everybody has one, irrespective of their field.

It takes 25 seconds for a professional to know you just by reading your resume. Make those 25 seconds count!

How to make Resume you ask? We'll tell you..

1) Write down all your experiences and achievements, from senior school to present, in a piece of paper separately. 
2) According to your 'field of interest', pick those in order of most significant to least significant.
3) You can either start from senior school to present or vice versa: completely your call!
4) Add everything and see if it fits in a page or two at the MAX. If not, remove the least significant points.
5) Broad categories under which you could classify your resume are: career objective, areas of interest, technical skills, academic projects, key achievements, strengths, extra-curricular activities!
6) Include your name, parents information, address, date of birth, gender, nationality, hobbies and languages at the end of your resume.
7) Leave a space for date and  your signature!

Do's & Don'ts for an impressive Resume!

1) Keep it short- One page seems to be short but is more than enough for an employer to know if you are fit for the company. They don't have time! Also, it doesn't look organized if you have thrown information in a desperate attempt to save space. Make it short, use one words for sentences and do not extend more than two pages.

2) Customize your goals & achievements- Highlight (Bold) your career objectives upfront. Customize your resume according to the employer's needs and state your objective clearly.

3) Back Details with Dates- Back your experiences, education, etc with month and year for a factual orientation.

4) Personalize it- Format it using tables and borders. You may or may not add a professional picture of yourself at the top corner. You also have an option to provide email ids and contact number at the very top.

5) No colors please!- Even if its a fashion related resume, please don't use colored paper (even in beige or tan) or any fonts to dramatize it. You have to show a professional front and no matter what your personality is, reserve the hues for your wardrobe (that too minimal).

6) Don't overdo it!- They want to hire you, not keep you for their personal job. So don't reveal personal information like below one, on resumes.

7) Check and Check- Even if you have checked numerous times, there still can be errors which you are overlooking. Give it to your friend and parents for a better analysis. Advice comes for free! ^_^

Save it! Get a Print! You're done! :)

We hope you liked what you read.. If you have any suggestions or want to add something then you're most welcome to leave a comment. We read each and every comment :)

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Until next time!

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