Friday, 31 August 2012

Career Shifts: The heart of it!

Hello everyone .. I hope you're having a wonderful Friday :)

Today we'd be talking about a 'decision' that would change your life, for better or worse? We'll see...

When you look at a person; after judging him based upon his looks and knowing him a little, what is the next thing you come to know about the person? TALENT. Skills take you places but Talent brings you at the right place~ where you must be!

Many of us, in our teens or at later stages have faced peer/parental pressure to choose the 'right' career path. Some of us are blessed to make our own path while the rest of us fiddle with the 'common' career options or go along the comfortable road. What if you're given an option to shift your career at this instant. Would you? Do you have the courage to listen to your heart or you can't think of disappointing the society?

Remember this ~ Its never too late to do something you LOVE

Recipe of a responsible career shift:

Knowing what you love!



The right approach to make it work!

Not giving up

So buckle up and ask yourself- Are you happy with your current job/career? If you're still thinking or making excuses.. then you already have the answer!

How to start?

First off, Rome wasn't built in a day! Don't just work towards building a new career but really put in your best. 

1) Talk- Talk to friends & family and see what they have in mind. Sometimes a third person opinion is very important: write to experienced professionals and carefully procrastinate your choices.

2) Plan- Once you've talked to everyone and are having a better view of what you had in mind, plan! Your next step must be to approach companies; e.g. if its a corporate field, then the best place to start is google! Google with all the keywords which you can think of. Go to recruitment portals (Like, make your profiles, leave your resumes, fax them, mail them.. Do whatever you can, to be noticed! If you talk to 100.. 10 would definitely reply! Number doesn't matter :)

3) Grab it- Flexibility is the key here. Right now, you might not have enough opportunities so 'Yes' should be your Mantra. Say yes to every opportunity. :) 

But never, at any cost, let your work compromise your beliefs. Keep this thing in mind- You have chosen something better for yourself, something where you'd be happy so make the right choices in a better way! :)

The stage is your's and you're alone... An artist must be alone to see his victory!
Work with the fashionable approach ~ Less is More.. Start with little and make it big!!! :)

You have ONE life.. Don't compromise on your happiness.. Do what you love..Be happy! :)
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  1. love the post.. such inspiration. truly need them now as my placements are coming in a few days
    xo sabbi

  2. It's such a great post. You are right. Sometimes it's very hard to do what you want to do, because the society doesn't accept it. But we've got only one life, so we can't fall under the society pressure. I like you on FB. Do you also want to follow each other on Twitter?

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  3. I love all these quotes!
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  4. Such an inspiring post! Love Paul Coelho and Will Smith's quotes!


  5. that's right. i think our decision before we enter college really has a great impact on our lives.

  6. Loved reading the article! I have followed my BLISS (INTUITION) and now i feel i have done the right thing. Thank u for the post! Its so true and informative! :D

  7. Interesting. A career shift is hard but not impossible. Asking family, well that's the only thing that stops me from doing what I really want to do. So I negate that option. :) Cheers.

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    I can totally relate to the post, I have shifted my career and trust me it was the best decision I took till date!

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  14. I would pray first to know what path i should take...

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  16. This is such a detailed post. I am in the same situation currently. Will have to decidde soon. Thank you for your comment. Following you here :)

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