Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Extra Mile

"The three greatest essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hardwork; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense" ~ Thomas A. Edison

You got a job. It pays you well. You are happy. ~ Initially. Is it sufficient? Would it make you suffice the tremendous amount of pressure and workload of the Corporate world? The Answer: NO

Hard skills are easily found: anybody who is a nobody would be able to fulfill their tasks and do machinery work but what makes you stand out is the Sustained Cultivation of Soft Skills. Soft skills are an important part of any industry irrespective of the type of job. We have shortlisted SEVEN BASIC soft skills required for you to live a 'decent' corporate life while making you distinct in the milieu of the monotonous routine.

DETERMINATION- Never Underestimate it!

The seven soft skills (in no order) are:

  1. Personal Integrity- Its in the Handbook of Life to love thy neighbor but one must never compromise in one's beliefs. What morals you have, how to implement them, how to look after others as well as yourself goes down the drain, once you are in a conflicting situation. Honesty is the foundation of respect in any organization. Be honest to your work, your colleagues and to yourself.

  2. Team Spirit- What two can't do, a team can do! Lets just say, its the face of any good deal between companies. Mutual support and recognition, solving interpersonal conflicts and maintaining decorum earns you corporate points; not to mention a better job security!

  3. Good Attitude- There is a difference between good attitude and right attitude. You might have the right attitude to succeed but you need a good attitude to sustain! Good graces and harmonious nature never gets unnoticed.

  4. Time Management- We may write stories and build presentations around this topic but no one can manage Your time. A responsible and well enlightened person would know which situation requires hard-work and where you can get your way to smart-work! Plan career events and continuously improvise on them. Problems come unalarmed and that is the actual time to show you're an asset to your organization!

  5. Interpersonal Skills- You sit, stand, talk, discuss, smile, work- someone is noticing you always! These include, body-language, communication & listening skills, decision making, problem solving etc. Those who Are confident, Look confident and are taken seriously for the job. Be assertive and look for possible cues from others, that might hamper your image in the company.

  6. Grooming- While grooming includes structured clothes & well set hair but is not limited to dressing sense only! You need to be able to present yourself well, according to or slightly above the dress code of the area of work and carry a pleasant smile as its the best asset anyone has :)

  7. Common Sense- Well its truly said, Common sense is uncommon! Think more & work less OR Think less & work smartly? I guess you have common sense ;) It lies in grasping the basic facts and just Knowing them! Needless to say, common sense is usually missing these days. People strive to just run in the cat race. Take a beat and think logically, don't be a puppet of others' opinions and provide simple solutions to everyday crisis :)

Do you have soft skills? We hope that you have learnt something from this post.
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